Burritos with chips on the side (stenting)

donaldvancouver(cool wet z8)December 10, 2012

This winter I have started experimenting with what I believe the Dutch call stenting, or grafting buds onto cuttings while you root those cuttings. I have chip-budded various modern roses onto cuttings of either the multiflora hybrid Goldfinch or onto polyantha Marie Pavie, mainly because I have these two handy and they seem to root like weeds.
I then "incubate" the cuttings using the burrito method as described here and elsewhere by Kim Rupert and others.
So far, it looks promising. I'm learning that there is a fair bit of skill involved in chip-budding, but it is really quite a lot of fun. (Hint: always cut AWAY from you. Learn from my pain...)
I have had a number of buds turn black- partly because of poor tissue matching, but also because of dehydration when they come out of the burrito. If I'm unable to really seal the buds under the grafting tape, then I place them in baggie tents when they come out of the burrito.
Anyway- I just thought I'd share this in hopes that somebody else might have similar experiences to share.

Here is a link that might be useful: A good lesson in chip budding (Burling Leong)

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seems promising when you have stock that will root like a weed - congratulations on your ambitious project! paul m.

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I'm going to have to try the burrito method myself. We are supposed to have cooler temps for the next couple weeks where I live. I had never thought about doing that with stenting. I have a mistomatic. It tends to run a little wetter than I'd like.
Thank you for the advice.

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