S.A. Seeds

jolj(7b/8a)January 31, 2011

Anyone ever used "Silver hill seeds".

Are the cold zones really the same as here in USA?

Did I read the catalog right about 25 seeds for $3.50 US & 100 seeds for $6.00US.

No I am not a salesman for the company.

I do not know anyone from S.A. & was looking for Crinum & Blood lilies, when I found this site.

Hope you can help me.

I would love to try some of the beautiful bulbs in the Catalog.

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I have bought from Silver Hill Seeds and had excellent quick service each time. I only bought succulent seeds. They also take credit cards, which seems to be a problem in SA.
a friend in Canada gets bulbs from African Bulbs (type it as one word, followed by dot com) and has great luck.


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nankeen(z8b Portland OR)

I have ordered from SH half a dozen times or more and started more than a dozen species of their bulbs (and other SA species) successfully. The hardiness zones are international, but I think that they're a litttlllle over zealous with some of their zones, which is why all of my seedling bulbs are in the greenhouse over the winter. They provide good quality seeds. The quantities are bizarrely accurate: if they say 25, they mean either 25 or 26 seeds. Prices are reasonable as is shipping. It is recommended that if you're ordering more than a handful of species that you request a free small seed lots import permit from the USDA. If you're just going to order a couple, you can risk it.

Good luck with SA bulbs in SC. Be careful with ordering winter-rainfall vs summer-rainfall bulbs. For most SA bulbs, the non-rainfall season needs to be completely dry or they will rot. Pots work well. So does living in California.

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I will not move, but thank you for the tips.
I will post when I get my seeds, then the plants.
I will start with zone 7 & put them in pots.
Thanks to both of you & the link.

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