clivia seed banks

baci(z10Ca)January 24, 2006

I am looking for clivia seeds, and am considering joining some of the organizations to obtain some unusual varieties. Does anyone have any experiences with some of the seed banks of these organizations?

I have had a bad experience with joining an unrelated seed bank, and want to avoid spending money without hearing of a seed bankÂs reputation first. I am interested in any experiences in the varieties offered, and if they follow through in sending.

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Bumping this down.

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strever(z9a N/CoastalCa)

what organizations with seed banks are you referring to ?


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I am looking for a clivia organization  I have not had any experience with them. My seed problem was with CRFG. They have a seed bank problem & are supposed to be straightening it out, but it has been a year of past orders and no seeds. I am supposed to get them & they are working on it, but I have paid a lot of money for seeds that should be planted fresh.

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strever(z9a N/CoastalCa)

there are several groups you should look into
in Calif check out NACS, in March they will have a convention
& you should join the yahoo groups and

best of Clivia growing

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Thanks, Dick  I have contacted NACS & appreciate your also suggesting them. I will also check out the yahoo group. By the way, if you know of any amaryllis society, I would appreciate that information. There is new forum here, but I am also looking for an amaryllis seed bank also.

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A great source of absolutely fresh seed is Silver Hill seeds in south Africa. They are not real cheap but I think are reasonable. I have paid up to $4 for the rarest sorts . They keep you on a list and as soon as they get a crop of seeds in , they will email you right away. I keep my credit card details on file with them so when they have something I want, I just send them a list and tell 'em ' You know where to send them". They also have hundreds of indigenous seeds in their catalog which you can order the regular way. Search on google.

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