Natal Mahogany Tree

TakingRoot(Z-7B)January 17, 2004

Has anyone heard of this tree? And does anyone have any "experience" in caring for it? Much needed advice as I have purchased a 7ft tree. All I know is that it likes alot of water and it will grow much taller than it already is. I have posted it on other forums but nobody seems to know much about it. It is from Natal.

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This Trichella dregeans should be very easy to take care of with plenty of water & sun....Thad

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cjhin(Gauteng ZA)

Could also be Trichelia emetica. This is the Natal Red Mahogany. Will be frost sensitive while

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

I've heard of it and have been trying to find one, but don't know too much about it.

Here's a link to some info I found.

The Bernecker's website has a little info on it, too.

May I ask, where did you find yours?

Here is a link that might be useful: Trichelia - Natal Mahogany

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I love it. I have a 30+ foot tree, (6) trunks. It takes a lot of water. It is growing like mad toward the top of my atrium. It is from Africa. Fairly new to USA. Do a google search, using images. I bought it from a boutique nursery. I can go on for days about it. Keep it moist, I mist mine daily from top to bottom. I use Bamboo culms to maintain the trunks erect.

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I just bought a natal mahogany 6 1/2 ft tall /5 trunks in a 14" diameter by 12" high container
should i put in bigger pot even if I do not need it to grow much?
Does always keeping it moist cause pest problems? or root rot? ...i heard aphids

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Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a 6-7 ft tall natal mahogany for indoor use? I live in Oklahoma. Thank you.

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