brugpuppy(9)January 11, 2006

Hi everyone,

Can you please tell me what is the best way to germinate Baobab seeds.

do they need soaking, nicking, scarifying etc?

Any experiences with these seeds is appreciated.



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Soak your seeds in hot water for 3-6 hours. Sow about 1cm. deep in a mix of river sand and vermiculite. Keep in a warm place (at about 68-75 deg. F.). DON'T overwater. You shoud have germination in 2-4 days. Good luck. (You do know how big they grow I hope!)

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Thank you for the reply! Yes, I have seen many African Baobabs as I spent the first 25 years of my life growing up in that incredibly beautiful country. They will never grow that big in Canada. I have also seen these trees grown as bonzai. I can't wait for my seeds to germinate and I hope to grow a couple of bonzai and maybe two as potted plants in the greenhouse.

Thanks again for your help.

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And ... any luck with the seeds ????

I have a baobab from seed now 1 year old ... doing well i think.

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Yes and no.

They are easy enough to germinate but I did have to experiment with them. I had 3 successfully grown to 4" high, then they died.

So now I have some seeds but am not willing to germinate them until I can figure out how to keep them alive.

How much water did you give your plant after it had germinated? I am thinking that maybe I watered them too much?

BTW After soaking the seeds, I filed down through the seed. Oh man, are they hard!! These that I filed germinated within 2 or 3 days. Those that I did not file, simply rotted in the soil. I also supplied bottom heat.

Actually, the area filed must be fairly large as the plant had to struggle to escape the hard seed.


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I only soaked the seed overnight in warm water.

And then the plant itself ... it doesn't seem to like overwatering. So I'm glad mine survived for over a year now knowing how much i poured over the soil.

Now limited to once a week max. Let me know if you'd like to see a picture...

And i read soms strange things about wintercare ....
That is for area's where it can't survive outside.

take plant out of soil, put bare-root in piece of paper (grocery bag) en put under bed, or in shed or something ...

follow this link and search on baobab...


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first, get a file and scarify the seeds quite a bit. then, pore boiling water into a bowl with the seeds in it. remove the seeds that float. let the seeds soak in the water for 72 hours and then plant in coarse sand and a small amount of bonemeal. once in the sand do not water until the sand is mostly dry and only water a small amount as to prevent rotting of the seeds. they should germinate within a few days. also, after the seeds have been put in the sand, put a heating pad under the container they are in as to supply bottom heat and induce germination.

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ok. so i know this was posted in 06 but i have figued out probably the best way to germinate these seeds. first scarify them with a file or sandpaper until all or most of the outer coat is gone in one place. only one place. then boil some water(not in the microwave) and pour it over the seeds in a small cup. put that cup into a heated greenhouse and let them soak for about 2-3 days. you should notice that the shell is very weak at one side of the seed. break that weak part off. this will allow the root to come out much faster than usual. after that is done put the seeds in a "seed and cutting mix" and put a thin/medium layer of vermiculite over the top of it. make sure to put each seed in a small separate container able to be placed into a heated greenhouse. i use a jiffy greenhouse and a hydrofarm seedling heat mat. you should have a big root in a matter of days.

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