Melasphaerula ramosa

PookiesmomJanuary 11, 2005

Greetings! 3 winters ago I bought two plants of Melasphaerula ramosa from the UC Berkeley Botanical GArdens. I planted them in my gravel garden and after they had flowered and set seed I sprinkled them around the garden and did so last spring as well. I cannot believe how well they have done! I have about 8 mature clumps that will flower this winter...the original two plus 6 new ones and literally thousands of babies in various sizes (from grass-size to more robust.) I have transplanted a few of the largest to other locations, but then got to thinking maybe I am aiding a monster, this plant clearly likes my garden.

Is is wise to encourage this plant or am I asking for trouble? It is a lovely flowering bulb!



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Given present behavior as well as a webpage that describes its distribution thus: "Southern Namibia to Western Cape" I suspect that it would be very happy indeed here in California.
However, if you aren't living adjacent to any wildland, that's your problem. I might be interested in trying it out myself as I have discovered that I have little difficulty in controlling Chasmanthe, another very vigorous South African "bulb".


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MarcR(z 8 OR)

I have been searching for seed or plants of any specie of
Melasphaerula. Is there any chance of aranging a trade. I have second year seedlings of about 34 species of 19 genra of South African Iridaceae.

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