????'s about Clivia Seed

adaorand(UpstateNY)February 4, 2004

My clivia seed has finally turned red. Is it ripe and are there several seeds inside the pod or is it just one big seed?? This is the first clivia I have ever had. I have info on how to plant and how very long my wait will be if I successfully get it to germinate, I just need to know if I have only one seed or several. Thanks.

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The seeds can actually germinate inside the pod. There are several seeds. An easy way to germinate them is to place them in moist peat in a plastic bag. Vent the bag and don't let the peat dry out. Very soon you will see a radicle develop, then pot up the seeds.

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Carol, thanks. Do I let the pod dry before I plant it?? It has not yet been detached from the stalk.

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Just posted this for someone else. it might be of help to you too. http://www.clivianet.org/CliviaCulture.html

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