Devil's Claw

cranebill(6)February 23, 2005


I like to grow unusual plants ("plant oddities") and would like to try to grow Kalahari Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens). This would be a challenge in my temperate and summer humid U.S. climate, but it may be even more of a challenge to find a source for seed. Does anyone have supplier recommendations? Assuming I can get some seed, how might I go about germinating it? What kind of soil mixture would you recommend (besides "sandy")?

"Medicinal Plants of South Afrika" (by Ben-Erik Van Wyk et al.) describes Devil's Claw as a "weedy perennial", and I'd like to know if it gets very large or rangy. By the way, I thought it interesting that the picture of the flower in this book looks a lot like a tropical gloxinia.



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Dear Cranesbill,
I've seen it growing in heavy clay- clay-loam in Mexico. The 4'X4' sub-shrub I saw was beautiful. Very compact. Wish I would of kept the seeds on my journey north. I have a pic of the specimen.


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