Moving germinating seeds tray

chilliwin(EU DK 7)December 2, 2012

It may be a silly question but I would like to know. Is there any affect the germinating tray with the seeds moving around one place to another?

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And you think somebody has tested this?

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I'd think temp. and moisture control would be the only possible problems with moving trays from a warm spot to a cooler spot,dry to a humid spot.
I don't think actual movement hurts anything.
Mine get moved every time I water.

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I've moved my tray with young plants to get the optimum light through the windows each day (mornings on the east side, afternoons on the south side) with no negative effects.
I don't think that germinating seeds will suffer either.


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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

I do not know anybody tested it. I agreed with you Smokemaster the temperature and moisture control will be the key to success the germination.

I moved around my germinating tray for many reasons still now I do not see much obvious problems. However some of my seeds from ebay (some of the ebay sellers are not reliable I logically agreed) are not germinating so just I am curious the reason why they are failing. I am a new beginner so I like to know more about container gardening. I do not use marketed propagator, I use simple method of paper towel with plastic bag. Some of the sprouted seeds grow faster and some of them so slow. Somewhere I have read to soak the beans for germinating without moving around and change the water two times a day. Some kinds of instruction they provided us. It may be different from chilli seeds.

Still I have questions about germination. From my experience the fastest germination period was 5 days (Goronong Chilli Malaysia). I have read something about early phases of germination. But I do not see any instruction what to do during these phases. The Goronong seed showed "radicle" in 5 days. How long am I going to keep and waiting the seeds for germination? How do I select the best seeds for germination? Usually I look the color of the seeds first and the shape. I have bought some chilli seeds from Papperlover, the Yellow Jolokia seeds are so thin and small they looks almost transparent when I soaked it. I feel it may not be germinated. Some of my fast sprouted seeds were not big but looks compact and shiny golden color all of them were red ghost chilli seeds. Some of the red ghost chilli seeds I have bought are look bigger and the colors are faded. Next year when I have the fruits from my plants and I will know some of the answers.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Thank you Djole. For the young plant I do turn the containers to the direction of the Sun time to time.

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