Happy Halloween!

digit(ID/WA)October 31, 2013

Steve (& Jack)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Nothing spooky here, Digit! As a matter of fact, nothing at all here this year! A couple years ago I got rambunctious and set up a whole Halloween display right inside the front door. It's not visible in the pics, but I set up tables along the windows to the left of the front door and had more pumpkins and about three dozen candles and lamps in the front windows. More candles and votives in the kitchen windows which are right next to the front door. No electric lites at all after dark! I was gonna put on my Indian Maiden costume, but I way ran out of time! It was a lot of work--and lots of fun when the kids came! And then-----the last couple kids that came, after 9:00, both said: ONLY ONE?????

Last year and this year, right now, all my lights are turned off and I'm "hiding" in the family room! If "one" FREE something isn't enough, then I guess they get none! Halloween Scrooge here! (A couple years I bought full size candy bars--60-some of them--and those years I had kids coming back a couple times to get MORE! I don't get kids these days!)

Anyway, Charlie Brown is on TV, and I have popcorn!

Happy Halloween, Digit--and all.

Love your pumpkins,

P.S. Apparently most of my neighbors are Halloween Scrooges too because most of the houses on this street are DARK!

P.P.S. I'm FINALLY getting Picasa up to speed from my hard drive crash the end of '10 and I expect to be showing up with pics more often around here once again!

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Happy Halloween! We are already getting very cute neighborhood children coming by. I gave one little witch several candies when she told me 'Whoppers, I love them. I had to give her a couple more. :) I hope the parents dole the candy out as there's going to be some hyper or sick children tomorrow.

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Happy Halloween

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More Jack-o-lanterns!

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Great pumpkins, all!!! I gave up carving a long time ago - never was as good as you guys!

This year, I made treat bags to pass out - coupla each small lollipops, mini chocolates, caramels and one pumpkin spice Hershey kiss (got a pack of 25 treat bags from dollar tree, so that part was cheap!). This way, much easier to hand out and make sure I give the same amount to each child. It also helped me count how many kids I got - almost didn't need that to help me, though. We only got 12!!

Most of our neighbors houses were dark, too, Dee. We're in a culdesac, so maybe that's why the kids might miss us. But my daughter has helped me decorate the last couple of years with orange lights along the roof, so you definitely can see our house if you glance down our street!

Halloween isn't like it used to be when I was a kid, but at least the tradition is still going somewhat. You might try the treat bag idea, Dee - that way, the kids can't tell how many are in there till they get home ;^)


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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

I decorated.

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Hey Xaroline.

I was just reading about Halloween amongst the British colonies. There was a Washington Post article about why the Australians pay so little attention to Halloween out of so many earlier colonies where it is a fairly big deal.

I wonder if it isn't mostly because of the weather in Australia but the article claimed that it was because Australia was colonized at the time of the Victorian Era when behavior such as children trick-or-treating would have been frowned on.

Maybe so. I can remember as a young child that Halloween was for children's parties. By the time I was too old to be an tolerable beggar at the door - then the tricksters began to make their rounds!

Wonderful decorations, all! I buried the Jack o'lanterns in the garden, today . . . Yes, it was a solemn occasion.


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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

Great pumpkins!

Last year, zillions of kids came to my door, and poor Percy put up with his silly outfit, and greeted them while I handed out treats. This year, it was very windy in my neighborhood, and only a handful of trick-or-treaters came by. So the lights went off before 7 pm, and the candy went to work with me the next day!

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Oh my goodness, B2 - that is the best costume and pic ever!! Your Percy is quite the sport, and model :)


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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

Thanks Marj!

I can't believe he put up with all the foo foo!

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