Crinum Bulbispernum

wspatf0(z7 OK)February 20, 2004

I have 2 Crinum Bulbispernum plants in a garden with several White Yucca plants. I recently started to clean out this garden and discovered that the Crinum's had 6 to eight huge (bigger than my hand)bulbs each and there are scores of small offshuts masssed around each of these. The offshuts have roots and several small tubers (1-2"inch slightly larger than a pencil). I am told these are from the Crinum plants not the Yucca. Does anyone know if this is typical for a Crinum that has been unattended for several years, and will these tuber sets start new plants that will bloom soon and if I should split up the large bulbs? They bloom beautifully every year. PLMK Thanks Pat

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I do not know much about crinum,but I bought one and it did nothing but multipy.I had enough for the whole area.Gave away about 30 from that plant before I dug it up.I was tired of messing with it.Jessie

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Your C. bulbispermum sounds just about right. They make large clumps with lots of offsets over time. Some of the bulbs can be truly huge. I like it because of the blue-green foliage and the distinctive leaves that taper to a long tip, also because it is evergreen here. Most species lose their leaves when temperatures fall a few degrees below freezing.

The offsets will eventually become large enough to flower, it will take a few years. C. bulbispermum does not seem to be reluctant to flower.


Here is a link that might be useful: Crinum bulbispermum

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JayEmVee(z9 SF Bay, CA)

I spent today dividing a crinum that was planted in my yard 5 years ago. It was almost waist high and over a yard across. I found the largest bulbs to be cantaloupe sized or bigger, the smallest about the size of a lemon.
I think there are easily over 50 viable bulbs from this one episode. Man oh man what a plant. Casual though, it's a great unmade bed of a lily. I'm giving most of them away next Saturday.

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true pure bulbispernum offset by seed instead of bulb multiplycation. Hyb. forms may do both. Most crinum bulbs get very large in time. Extra bulbs can be moved around the yard or shared with friends but may take some time to bloom. To much shade not enough fertilizer or not being crowded enough for some varieties may keep them from blooming.

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