Help with Freesia, Ixias, Narcisse, and Cala Lillies

KendraSchmidtFebruary 29, 2012


I have bulbs for Ixias (Maculata?) and Freesia along with Cala Lilly and Narcisse that I would like to plant outdoors eventually. I've just inspected them thinking they may have dried out, but they seem to be alive.

How can I test them to know if they will grow and can be planted?

Also, it's cold where I am now, but the weather is slowly getting somewhat spring like. Slowly. That means I still have to wear a scarf and gloves, coat, etc.

But I want to be able to plant these bulbs and not allow them to go to waste. Can I plant them maybe indoors first and then transplant them outdoors when the weather is warm, should they grow?

Also, how can I test them to know if they're still alive and such? Is it too late to ever plant the bulbs? Please help!

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Anyone? :o(

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Kendra, where are you? What zone? Anyway, if the bulbs look OK, and you can dig the soil, I would just go ahead and plant them and see what happens.


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