New Clivia

socal23(USDA10/Sunset23)February 23, 2003

A new species of Clivia has been discovered which should be of great interest to us Californians, unlike the others it is from the Northern Cape, in a winter-rainfall region. Seeds will be available to the public in a few months (whether this includes international interests remains to be seen of course).

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modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)

Thank you for sharing this info with us, Ryan! As they say, "always something new out of Africa" ... I am a big Clivia admirer and have two plants (kept indoors during winter) which I grew from South African "seed" ... would love to grow some of these new ones when it becomes available. Delina

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I wouldn't expect it too quickly to hit the market. I would love to get one too but I think the few plants that are in cultivation will be gobbled up by those best connected first. I would think that they should be available in about 2-3 years. They will more than likely be like C. nobilis and caulescens. Not a major commercial plant like miniata has become.
John Ingram

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mangofox(7 USA)

Could some one give me a good source to learn about Clavia's, please? I recently got one and want to learn hoe to care for it. Mine has gotten a flower that is in the center at the base of the plant. Does the stalk grow after the bloom?

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Elly1(zone 6)

This is a good site!
good Clivia site

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Try Clivia Creations or do a google search for David Conways Clivia in California. I used to have his address but it escapes me at the moment. There is also new place in the Boston area that has a very nice selection. I think it is called Blackstone Valley exotic plants or something. I can think of a few more, but not at the moment. Then there is always Stokes Tropicals. Good luck. Sebrina

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Sorry, I realized after I posted that I was way off on what you were saying. I think John has a point that these will probably not be considered to be a high demand item for some time to come.

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Sowth Efrikan

Oh! I was so excited there for a minute when I saw the good clivia site, but what I am looking for are clivia plants, not seed which is what they offer.

Does anyone know where I can buy healthy, strong, reasonably mature clivia plants? They aren't exactly available in any of our local nurseries. Thanks.

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The below link carries at least one color of them but I should think there must be someone in your area as most nurseries around here carry at least the common types.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kartuz Nursery

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Sowth Efrikan

Excellent, thank you Mikey, it's exactly what I wanted. I have yet to see Clivia anywhere in my corner of NETexas. Most people around here don't know what it is.

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