Update - Tomato & Pepper Seed Exchange

hmacdona1December 16, 2013

Good morning everyone,

I posted an update in another forum but failed to post here. My sincere apologies.

As many of you know, I normally host an annual tomato & pepper seed exchange. This fall has been an exceptionally busy year for me at work, which has included extensive travel.

I was playing it by ear on my schedule to see if/when I could host in 2013, but unfortunately it hasn't worked out. Running the swap requires a couple of months of dedicated focus, and so far this year, it just hasn't been possible.

If I am able to run a swap in the new year, I will post another update.

Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas


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Hey Heather,

Merry Christmas back at you!

After hosting / coordinating 5 amazing swaps no one can blame you for taking a year off.

Try not to work too hard and take some time for yourself and family over the holidays.


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If you are interested we are still having one. There is a thread called, "Holiday Seed Swap 2013."

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