moderate success with watermelon landrace

keen101October 16, 2011

Just thought i'd let anyone here know that my experiment with creating and growing my own watermelon landrace this year in Colorado seems to have been moderately successful. I look forward to seeing how it turns out in future years.

I posted some info about the results on my blog and my website.

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Another interesting idea, Andrew.

I've been thinking about this landrace thing since September when you talked about your corn mix in the garden. I don't think I could do this with corn since I have to deal with too many varieties of sweet corn. Then, that calico corn sneaks over and causes problems. Even separated by about 35 feet, I had a few dark kernels in some of the nearest sweet corn to that tiny patch of flour corn!

Melons might be an idea. The watermelons are all one species and all genetically separate from the other melons/cukes/etc.

Where it might be useful and fun is with my choices of Cucurbita maxima winter squashes. Okay, if I'm not really happy with the fruit shape of Burgess Buttercup but appreciate its reliability and earliness - why not allow its genes to run merrily thru the meadow with some Kabocha varieties??!

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