blood meal is attracting my dog

mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)October 9, 2013

Have any of you who have a dog used blood meal in your garden? Well, wished I had googled 'blood meal and dogs' BEFORE I sprinkled some around the new flower bed I made, trying to discourage the rabbits from nipping off the leaves of my strawberry plants! Now that I did, I've discovered my dog is attracted to it - never occurred to me, but makes sense NOW. And now I'm reading that it is toxic to them, and can cause diarrhea, vomiting, etc. :(

I'm thinking if I hose down the bed it will cut down the smell. I'm not sure what else I can do. I did put up a wire fence around the area before I put down the blood meal, but she can stick her head through, and could probably slip through the openings. May have to wrap something else around it for a day or two.


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I used to mix steamed bone meal, blood meal and ashes as my attempt at a balanced and "high power" organic fertilizer.

Applying ashes directly to the garden without a soil test turned out to be not a good idea here. Potassium and pH are quite high and a little experiment on half a bed of onions really impeded their growth. Still, ashes may discourage your dog and may be fine for your soil.

I stopped doing anything with blood meal not only because I decided I shouldn't mix ashes with it but because the stuff I could buy was so dusty! I suspected that it just might be too risky to my health.

There are commercial organic fertilizers that use ingredients that include blood meal. I have used those in my garden. Oh, and the ashes: I decided that after sitting for a couple weeks in a metal bucket, they could go in my compost. I no longer have a wood stove, however.


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