er... Jo'berg's mystery green citrus - Narchi?

QsilvQ(z10 SoCal)March 11, 2005

Hi folks- here's a tricky one. No photo, no sample, but a nifty story and a definite mystery.

My DearSigOther and his Dad wandered around South Africa together a couple years ago, mostly ogling wildlife but also sampling every food and drink they could find, as near as I can tell. Spicy jerkys called Biltong, home brewed malty beers... and a citrus they swear was called "Narchi".

About the size of a small to medium grapefruit, spherical, rough-textured, pale-green quite thick peel, sections far sweeter than lemons or grapefruit but tasting nothing like oranges.

According to them this Narchi was utterly delightful, and available in every grocery store in a large area around Johannesburg, but they never saw it at all down in Cape Town.

Purdue's site doesn't show it, Google spends several pages assuring me it's some doctor's last name -- I'm gambling on serendipity and kindness from the good folks at Gardenweb!

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tagary3(z9 Harlingen TX)

Hi there,
I think the spelling is NAARTJIE - actually a citrus fruit , usually orange when ripe and really a kind of tangerine. The fruit you are describing however does not sound like a naartjie as they are usually smaller about the size of an orange .I think somehow the word and the fruit were used at the samme time and it stuck.
Good luck with your search

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QsilvQ(z10 SoCal)

Thanks! A couple people over in "Name that Plant" figured it out too. Now if I could just find a way to get some seeds from that local cultivar... (smiles)

PS- Whilst living in Bucks I missed American waffles and crisp bacon; now I find I'm missing clotted cream and good English roast lamb and my partner misses biltong & naartjies... lol... such international greediness!

Here is a link that might be useful: osprey: rare but definitely here

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So what was it?

Naartjies are a snack of choice in SA, especially during rugby matches. When I was small I remember the peels being thrown at unpopular players...

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QsilvQ(z10 SoCal)

Hi freshdesign - Oh it was definitely a type of naartjie.

My DSO looked at the pix ( - link below) and chose C2 and the ones at the top as being almost exactly what he'd run across.

Here is a link that might be useful: tangerine dreams - Citrus deliciosa

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