color selections of sparaxis?

jacqueline9CAMarch 21, 2013

I am assuming this is the correct forum for this inquiry - please let me know if not. I live in No California, and we have a very similar climate to many parts of South Africa. I have discovered that bulbs like sparaxis and iaxa love love my garden.

My question is - does anyone know of a source of sparaxis bulbs which are a certain color, not mixed? I have planted the "mixed" sort for years, and now I don't have to plant anymore, because they are finally spreading. My problem is that 90% of them seem to be the most garish bright orange you could imagine. My garden is full of old roses in all shades of pink, and so you see....

Some of the sparaxis, of course, are other colors - white, sort of striped red & white, dark dark red, yellow, etc. I love ALL of them more than the bright orange.

Does anyone know of a source of non-orange sparaxis? I am assuming that the orange color is what it mostly is in the wild, except that there are very old gardens and even non-garden places in our town where lots of sparaxis grow that are not orange - sometimes I will see an entire lawn of one color. Tempted to dig them up, but of course I don't.


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You can pick the dried up flowers and save the seeds.

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