pychnostachys urticofolia or Witches Hat

signet_gwMarch 25, 2005

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time on this forum and I have a good reason to be here. I just purchased some Pychnostachys Urticofolia and am looking for helpful hints for germination of this plant . Does anyone know how long it takes for this plant to bloom and go to seed? Can it be done in one growing season (relatively short in Canada -Southern Ontario to be exact- so a little longer than in some areas) or can it be brought inside for winter? Is it better to plant in ground or in a pot and then transplant to pot if it has to come inside.

Anyone familiar with this plant? Cant wait to try it!!!!!


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Hi Signet,

I had no idea what this is, I had to look it up.
The correct spelling is Pyctnostachys urticifolia (Lamiaceae), common names: Dark Blue Pyctnostachys, Blue Boys, Hedgehog Sage, Ystervarksalie (Afrikaans) or amadata or unkungwini in Zulu.
In the KZN Wildflower book Elsa Pooley says that seed planted in autumn will flower within a year.
It apparently gets 1 to 2.5 meters tall.
Plant it in a big enough pot, you can definitely not leave this outside in Zone 6!

Hope this helps!

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