Floral_ArtistryMarch 18, 2003

I have tried other lists and I never get any responses. Is there anyone out there growing any Cyrtanthus other than the vallota (C. elatus)?

I have a few species that I would like to talk about but no one talks to me about them. I know others have them as I have seen their photos.

One of my C. falcatus bloomed several weeks ago and I am hoping that the obliquus and other spp. will follow suit very soon.

I have a HUGE amount of mackenii x brachy. type hybrids that are quite prolific and have reseeded themselves in nearby pots. What a lovely thing. Anyone out there growing any? I would love to hear from you.

John Ingram

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Hi John,

I do have several of the C.mackenii hybrids, as well as a bright yellow species, probably C.flanaganii, and C.sanguineus. I love them, they make wonderful garden plants, and, I could imagine, wonderful pot plants, too!
There are many more very desirable species of Cyrthanthus, I just haven't got around to search for them yet.
C.falcatus is beautiful, that one is on my wish list, too!


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jderosa(z6 NJ)

I was growing these for a number of years in pots, with great results. Mine had burnt orange colored flowers, and were the one flower that no one could identify. Alas, I have since lost them to a cold wet summer, and am looking to replace them.

On a happier note, there are other South African bulbs that I can and do grow - it just seems that no one here is interested in talking about any of them

Joe 'you never know' DeRosa

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safariofthemind(z7b NC)

I have some mackenii in a pot in addition to 3 cultivars of elatus. RJ

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

I don't usually do as well with the evergreen South African summer rainfall area bulbs, at least I don't seem to have the proper watering regimen down to keep Cyrtanthus mackenii alive for more than a year. The same way that I don't seem to be quite in tune with Nerine sarniensis as compared to Nerine bowdenii, which is rediculously easy. I have a Scilla natalensis in a pot, which grows and blooms but does not increase in size or quantity. I suspect they need slightly dryer winters and more watering and fertilizing in summer than they get from me. I wish I had the luxury of Cyrtanthus reseeding itself around in the garden, only Lapeirousia laxa does than in my garden.

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