Cyrtanthus from seed

conroe_joe(9a)March 28, 2003


I got some seeds from SilverHill Seeds ( for 3 species of Cyrtanthus. I am germinating them by the floatation method, but I'm beginning to wonder about their chances of success.

The seeds are put into bowls and allowed to float on the surface of the water until a root emerges ( ). I've had some seeds (C. brachyscyphus) floating for about 3 weeks and they are not showing any activity.

A few have gotten a cottony fungus and I've removed them to another container, but have little hope they will survive. I think the remaining seeds might be viable but wonder when or if they will germinate. They are at room termperature (68 F to 75 F) and floating in about 3/4 inch of water.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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resmith(SW BC)

You may find it helps to add a few drops of mild fungicide to the water (ie some sort of mouth rinse), and to change the water daily.

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I have lots of C. brachyscyphus growing in my garden, where it self-seeds freely. I could send you some seeds for postage - I just scatter them, barely covered, in 4" pots of fast-draining soil. They also germinate readily when barely scratched into the ground. Maybe the seeds germinate best when really fresh? If you prefer, I could also send you a few bulbs. The flowers are gorgeous and bloom for about 6 months here. Perhaps you want to work out a trade?


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Susi in CA, contact me if you have seeds to trade. I'd enjoy it. Clicking on my pseudonym above (Conroe_Joe) should lead you to my email.


Joe in Conroe TX

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