Help with Jolokia plant

atxmanDecember 5, 2012

I am in need of some major help with my jolokia plant. The past 3 weeks the plant has not grown at all. I keep it outside during the day for sun and bring in at night to avoid any cool temps. Although there seems to be a lot of leaf growth, the leaves are starting to fall out a bit. I have noticed about 3 per week that are falling off. On top of that, I noticed that the top of the plant is becoming darker, almost black and more leaves are turning brown. Any recommendations you can give me, pepper experts? It would be greatly appreciated. The soil I am using is 40% Organic compost manuer, 40% top soil, 20% sand and perlite. Also, 3 weeks ago I had moved the plant to a 2 gal pot from a 1 gal pot. Attached is a current pic

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Here is a pic from the plant just 3 weeks ago

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40% manure???? I am not sure but that sounds like a pretty high high ratio of manure to regular soil. There is probably a lot of cow urine in that manure as well. I am thinking maybe when you repotted to a bigger pot, you got the manure ratio too high. Try putting it in a soil mixture will 10% or less manure....maybe no manure at this point, just some good well draining soil.

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Looks more like salt damage to me. Possibly the manure was from a feedlot where they push animals to eat salt so they will eat and drink more and grow faster. If it is salt damage, the only way to cure it is to leach the soil with water, then let it dry out a few days and add some nutrients. A 2 gallon container will take about 10 gallons of water to thoroughly leach the soil.

One other possible problem is that you have been overwatering. Chinense like to have enough water, but not too much. It is best to let the soil dry out until the plant is about to wilt, then water heavily.


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Yeah, I would say its your soil.

My recommendation would be to take it out, hose it down to get as much soil off the roots as you can, then repot it in some store bought potting mix until you get a bit more of a hang on mixing your own stuff.

That should save it.

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IMHO manure is never too good of an idea in containers. Its not very effective in terms of feedeing and can bring other issues at the same time.

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Topsoil and sand will compact after time making it difficult for roots to reach out.

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