Cooperia Lepredizia ??

Carletta(9 TX)March 23, 2005

Today I bought a plant from a good nursery here which the owner said is a South African plant and this is what she said the name was. I can find nothing other than cooperia is often another name for zephyranthes or rain lilies. She said the plant makes small white flowers. Can anyone provide me with more information?

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georgeinbandonoregon(z9 OR)

zephranthes is not from south africa---it is a group of bulbous plants native from south texas thru mexico---some evergreen some deciduous--they are called "rain lilys" because they are said to do most of their blooming in summer after periods of rain. they need well draining soil and part to full sun and moisture during the growing season. yuccado nursery in waller, tx sells many and i believe their website may have more detailed info on cultivation---you can find their address thru a "google" search. plant delights nursery in north carolina also sells them and also has a website with useful info.

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MarcR(z 8 OR)

Actually species of Zephranthes range from Texas to Argentina. and have naturalized extensively in areas of South Africa and Australia; but are not native outside the Americas. Cooperia was once regarded as a separate genus but in the mid 60s was combined with Zephranthes. There is no Z. lepredizia listed either in the RHS index or in Botanica. L. H. Bailey, in his 1949 Manual of Cultivated Plants, lists Cooperia Drummondii and C. pendunculata. You probably have Zephranthes drummondii which is native to Tax. and Mexico

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