Clivia... just HOW root bound?

hgalindo(8B Houston)March 1, 2005

I bought a beautiful clivia yesterday (had seen it the day before but never heard of the plant, so I went home to look it up and make sure it wasn't too difficult for my area, found it was fine and also VERY expensive and difficult to get ahold of, so I went back and bought one!) and it was very very root bound. Even though it's flowering wonderfully, the roots were thick and spilling out of the pot.

So I repotted it today and, man, what a chore! It was so densely rooted in the pot that I had to cut the pot off and here's what I pulled out:

In its new pot, it's got about an inch all the way around and about 2 inches under the current root mass of growing room. My concern is that I don't see how it can possibly be divided when it is SO root bound. Is it possible there are pups inside this mess of roots? I'd love to be able to divide the plant some day, but I can't imagine how that would be possible.

Any thoughts from experienced clivia growers?



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With the one fan there is nothing to divide. Repot and wait until it has multiple crowns.

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