tropsandduneMarch 29, 2005

The beautiful flower in my garden finally opened up yesterday. The corms came from a S. African plant that was sent by some ones momma...

The plant leaves come up looking like three sharp swords, on top you will find the bloom.

The flower has 6 petals. The color is a beautiful reddish/orange, with a black band 'round the inside, that goes up the petals, like haphazard brush strokes, and the throat, from the black band down onto the center of the bloom, is yellow.

I got these little ones in a special trade and they came all the way down from Duluth, Minn...talking about a HOME RUN.

The pics that i've seen of the watsonias do not show this color. what do i have? Cannot post pic. No usb in my old 'puter..

thanks, rm

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georgeinbandonoregon(z9 OR)

sparaxis tricolor---aka harlequin flower---member of the iris family (along with watsonia and many other south african bulbs).

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It does sound like sparaxis, is it a short little plant? they also come in other colours like pink, burgundy and red. after they flower you can leave the old flower heads on and collect the seed when theyre dry to sow the following year.

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