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Waussie(Albany WA)April 17, 2003

Many thanks to those who posted South African links into the forum. The idea was that you add them to the "links pages" at the link below. I have added those that were posted in this forum but I can't post them all. The idea is that people add a link that they find useful.

Someone asked about a South African search engine, I dont think there is one, directories are not search engines.
This works well:

Go to the Google search add type in what you are looking for

followed by :country code.

For example to find seeds from South African sites type seeds

Here is a link that might be useful: Links pages

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safariofthemind(z7b NC)

Hi Waussie,

I was one of the curious...thanks for the tip. RJ

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Garrickza(South Africa)

There are quite a few South African search engines , however from a purists point of view they may (or may not) merely be classified as directories.

Try these sites (go to the search box) (MarquesWorm)

It should be remembered that the number of South Africans with access to the net is very small , only about 2 million out of a population of about 28 million. Probably less net users than in a small American city. The bulk of our population is at a 3rd world state of development with our 1st world component still small.
Our small number of net users would account for the somewhat rudimentary search engines which we currently enjoy.

In my opinion marques and marques worm are the best , though none are exactly what one would rate as good.

Google and to a lesser extent Altavista have done the most work in collating S.A. information and are probably the best search engines when searching for any South African sites.


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