Gerber Daisies not blooming!

kparker(7)April 28, 2006

Hi everyone,

I heard that gerbera daisies (Gerber daisies) are originally from Africa, so I thought I'd ask all of you African plant experts a question!

I live in Oklahoma City, and I have some gerberas planted in a pot. They were blooming profusely when I bought them in March, but have not produced any new blooms since, despite my removing the spent blooms.

The foliage is looking great, and I can see some little white buds way down at the base of the leaves, but those have been there for weeks and have not formed into flowers.

So here's my question: Why aren't they blooming? Is this a problem with the amount of sunshine? I first had them placed in a shade garden where they only received filtered sun, and then (in an effort to get them to bloom), moved them to almost full sun. But still nothing.

Also, the temperatures here have been pretty high (high 80s, low 90s).

What is the ideal location/amount of sun for gerbera daisies in Oklahoma?

Thank you very much!


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I am having the same problem! I could use some help too! One of my pots is blooming just fine, while another one is not blooming at all and then I have a planter that has two plants in it and JUST one plant decided to rebloom and the other one did not!! I live is Illinois and the temps. have not been high mid 70's to low 80's. I had them in the shade and now have moved them to partial sun. I see the flower bud start and them they die off before they become a bloom. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please help! I am having the same problem. I have two pots of gerger daisies and one is blooming nicely while the other is not and the last flower is about to expire with no new blooms in sight. What can I do to help it to bloom?

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mlgd(USDA 6)

Gerbera daisies need 50-55 degree F night time temperatures to set but. So...hold on to the plants, keep them healthy, and they should bloom again when the nights are cooler in the fall.

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