2012 Garlic Planted

elkwc(6b)October 22, 2012

I finished up this evening. I ended up with at least 350' of garlic planted. Maybe a little more. Not sure on clove count. I planted most 8 inches apart. I planted different than I have in the past. 3 rows together 8-10 inches apart and the cloves on all varieties but the elephant approx. 8 inches apart. The elephant garlic is 10 inches apart in all directions. Several of the bulbs of it were medium to large undivided bulbs. All of the elephant bulbs stored well and appear very healthy. I culled alot of the other varieties. I attribute it too the way I stored them. Will change next year. If I have poor emergence on any variety I will just buy elephant garlic from the grocery store and fill in the blanks. I will use it as I can readily tell it apart from anything else I grow. I planted more varieties this year than last year as I was able to obtain some varieties that I wanted to grow. I'm concentrating on varieties with 4 cloves but no more than 8. I did plant 2 that has more than eight. I planted the following varieties. Elephant, Rosewood, Zemo, Brown Saxon(Hot), Keeper(Hot), Khabar, Old Homestead(OK heirloom.2nd chance),Musica(2nd chance), Bogatyr, Elmer's Topset, Nesenkeag, Colorado Purple(hint of sweetness), Chamisal Wild(rich flavor,NM heirloom), Metechi(heat), Red Estonian, Ayacucho, German Hardneck, Penasco Blue, Santa Fe Rocambole, K's Backyard Pskem, Nesenkeag, Elmer's Topset, Korean Mountain(heat and full flavor)

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I planted mine about a month ago, but our irrigation water was off, and only half the bed had moist soil. So last week, I noticed that the cloves planted where the soil was moist were already showing green. I had to drag hoses out and soak the rest of the bed, and this weekend, I managed to get the bed covered with a good 6" layer of leaves and grass clippings.

Over the past few years, I've grown two varieties - Music and Tochliavri. The latter grows huge heads - 4" in dia isn't uncommon - but the cloves aren't that big: a ring of decent sized ones outside a core of small skinny ones. It makes great gifts and people love it in the farmers market, but for home use, its a pain in the neck. The Music is so much better. Four - 6 huge cloves, easy to peel, keeps forever. So this year, thats all I planted.

Jay, do you soak them in and mulch? IOW, how do you keep the soil moist enough?

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I had been meaning to plant mine but hadn't got around to it. Tonight it started raining and I decided Enough Already!

Ran out in the rain and planted some.

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