Cutting back gazania after dividing

heckaboreApril 16, 2012

I just divided a gazania that got pretty large, and I decided to put the new clump right into the ground instead of putting it up. But now it looks really miserable and droopy. I cut out all the brown dead-looking stems, but I am wondering if I should trim the whole plant in hopes of pushing it to send out more new growth. I divided it only 2 days ago. Is the droopiness typical--will it revive by itself after a bit--or is there something I should do to help it along? The soil is pretty good and I added a little kelp meal and compost. Where I live, the gazanias are pretty much carefree other than occasional watering and frequent deadheading, so I'd like to keep them going.

Thanks for any help or advice!

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I would give it a little more time and make sure the soil is moist. Check for snails. Sometimes they go for transplants and hide right around the base of the plant. If it rains this week, that should help your plant.

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