Agapanties, Yukkas &Johannesburg Gold trees from SA in BC Canada

vicarious1April 27, 2008

Hi. I just spend 10 years in RSA just moved last year to Canada Vancouver. Got 1kg of home grown Agapanties seeds :-) and Yuka flowers seeds from my MUCH MISSED 2000m2 garden.Shhhht don't tell anyone. I wasn't supposed to but we forgot them in a drawer in a cabinet:-).

Do you think the will grow from seeds here is this dreadfull climat (compared to Joburg). It still snowed 2cm only a week ago mid April. I wonder, must I use mini green houses or can I sow them direct into the flower bed. I have a SOUTH( the RSA North) facing flower bed against a tall protected wall. I am renting so I would like to grow them now as I know they can be moved easy. Had over 200 plants in my RSA garden. How to grow the Yukkas from Seeds?

I know it will be slow. They do grow here and flower although all the ones I a have seen are on the floor without stem. Only in Botanical garden I have seen with Stem totally sick and sad looking. My neighbour called them a pest and let me digg her out and I put them in Pots...JUST THAT recalls my RSA garden a bikkie :-) I am from Europe but left my Heart in South Africa Snif...bye thanks

I would much apreciate your input.

PS I also wonderd Johannesburg Gold trees dont exist here I am sure they would do wonder and add much needed color. How and where does one start exporting such trees? Anyone out ther in that business who could supply Johannesburg Gold they would fit so well into the local pine varieties. They import a lot from California so I though why not from RSA ..

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Hi Vicariuos1

I dont reckon those plants will survive in just to darn cold for too long. However the Agapanthus may regrow after winter but who knows if they will ever flower. Sorry I couldnt be much help.

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