leucadendron - how to grow from cuttings?

xanthoria(9)April 7, 2009

I was recently given 2 leucadendron "red tulip" for the community garden I am planting for the neighborhood here in San Francisco. Sadly, someone stepped on one of them and broke off three branches, about 8" long.

I have read that they are hard to propagate, and that the rooting mix should be 50/50 milled pine bark and vermiculite - is it worth trying? If so, what's the best way - water and light requirements? I hate to waste these bits and would be very happy to have more leucadendrons in the garden.

thanks :)

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Hi Xanthoria - your post was a few years ago now - I'm wondering how you got on with your Leucadendron cuttings? (This is my first EVER post, so I hope I'm doing it right.) I have a huge Leucadendron in my front yard I think its called "Sunset" and I'm wanting to trim it back. Just wondering if winter is the right time to do so as I want to take cuttings off it also. Would anyone know if it's better to do it then or Spring? Thanks in advance

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Hi GroundHogg802

The cuttings didn't work - from what i read they need to be on misters and that just wasn't possible. Oh well!

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I have found them to be relatively easy to propagate. What you have to watch out for is over watering and promoting bacterial growth near the new roots. I currently have over twenty cuttings of Leucadendron Jester sitting in 100% perlite each in a one gallon container sitting next to my house. They get full sun for at least a third of the day without a problem and I even have several pushed up near the drier vent so they get hit with hot dry heat all the time. I water maybe every other day or when I remember. They seem to be fairly tolerant growers as long as you don't over water. They hate being in hot wet conditions even more.

I have tried rooting other species in 50/50 perlite and peat moss and they never root. Perlite seems to be free of bacteria and disease so the plants have a fighting chance to get established. Once I feel they probably have roots I pull them out and shake off the perlite and pop them in a pot.

Here is a link that might be useful: blog of my last cuttings with pictures

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