Got the wrong seeds!

t-bird(Chicago 5/6)December 17, 2011

I ended up with a packet of Hungarian yellow wax instead of hungarian hot wax....didn't know there were lots of hungarian peppers about.....

How different are these peppers? Are they close or should I get more seeds?

thx for any info!

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My guess is that you do have Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers. There seems to be a lot of confusion between Hungarian Hot Wax and Sweet Banana Peppers. I doubt that you got Sweet Banana Peppers but you could have. I do not think there is two types of Hungarian "XXXXX" Wax Peppers. I think that if they are indeed Hungarian "XXXX" Peppers, then they are actually Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers. I could be wrong. As I say, there is a lot of confusion with these types of peppers. Either way, you will probably have a pepper that is very close to what you are expecting except that it will be anywhere from a 0-3 on the heat scale.
If you are really concerned, then find another source with exactly what you want. The cost isn't that much compared to growing them for 6 months to find out they are not what you wanted. If it isn't that big of deal, then give them a shot and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I agree with Bruce.

My Hungarian was labeled "Hungarian Wax" - and it is both
yellow and (medium) hot ;-)


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Names for peppers are all over the place. Jalapenos range from almost no heat to much hotter than the average person expects. There are probably dozens of Hungarian Wax peppers. I'd say you got what you were looking for as long as they don't say 'sweet' or banana peppers. You could look around and buy many types of hungarian wax peppers and settle on a personal favorite. Of course, that could be done over many seasons. Always something new to try.

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

Thanks all!

I will just give these a try then, packet says "Heirloom - a medium hot old world favorite"

I'm not too picky about heat levels, a bit warm or a bit hot, I like both. If only warm, I just add more...

I was planning to use these in stir fries and curries, salsa I can just add more to get the right amount of heat for our preferences...

Thanks again! You guys are great!!!

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t-bird: I think you will find they are what you are looking for. If they have any heat at all, then they are almost assuredly not Sweet Banana Peppers. I bought some seeds last year that were labeled "Banana Peppers". They turned out to be Hot Hungarian Wax and were on the lower end of the heat scale but still had heat. I used them to slice and pickle for sandwiches. If yours say heirloom, then they should be true hot Hungarian wax in the 2-3 of 10 scale in hotness. I am sure they will work fine in salsa's and stir fries if you are not a fire eater like some on this list.

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