watsonia--yellowing, browning leaves normal?

yogafemme(CA z9/sunset 17)May 17, 2004

Hi. I have three watsonia that have done great so far this spring, but now I'm noticing that some of the leaves of all the plants are turning yellow at the edges and browning at the tips. Is this normal for this plant, or am I overwatering? underwatering? Also, for how long do they typically bloom? Thanks!


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faeden(z9 CA)

Many bulbs' foliage eventually dies each year. It's normal.

Watsonia are both deciduous and evergreen, depending on the species. In addition, again depending on the species, they flower from spring to early fall. So in order to answer your question with any authority, it is necessary to know the species. That having been said, here is a little information re Watsonias.

Are they in pots or in the ground? If in pots, the pots must be at least 12" deep to accommodate the bulbs' roots.

If they are deciduous and early flowering, the timing would be about right for the foliage to begin dying back. In all other cases it would seem to me to be too early.

Watsonia in general survive better in drier conditions, so make sure the soil is really quick-draining. If you've been watering them a lot, it would be a good idea to stop and let the soil dry out some.

Spring-flowering ones need moisture during winter and spring and dry summers. Summer-flowering ones need to be watered during the summer. Evergreen species require water throughout the year.

Hope this helps.

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yogafemme(CA z9/sunset 17)

thanks! It does help. I'm pretty sure that the ones that I have are the spring flowering one (beatricis) because it's got the narrower leaves, so it makes sense that it would be dropping leaves now. Also, my soil is slightly clay, so while I have amended someone to lighten it, I'll probably need to ease back on the watering. -patricia

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