Anyone growing Proteas as a houseplant?

livingfossil(6a Dayton OH)May 28, 2009

Is anyone growing any proteas as houseplants? I have had success in growing cycads as houseplants. Since I live in Ohio, they go out in the late Spring/Summer/early fall and overwinter in my house with a plant light during the rest of the year. Can the same thing be done with a protea? I really want to grow one of these. Is there perhaps a more hardy species?

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Hello....I am growing several in my greenhouse which I keep at 40 degrees or above in the winter both for the proteas and for some vireyas (tropical rhodies). I put them outside in their pots last summer and have had them out again as so as the nights didn't go below 45 although I did protect them from heavy rain until we got to really warm weather.
I have 4 proteas: P. cynaroides, P.burchelli, Leucospermum cordifolium, Leucadendron uliginosum all started from seed from a starter pack from
I have a couple of books on growing proteas and they say that P.cynaroides (King Protea) is the best suited for greenhouse growing because it tolerates a wider range of moisture. I would think they could be grown indoors but they do get very large. Here in the pacific northwest there are a few leucodedrons which are grown outdoors in some of the more protected microclimates around Portland and probably also around Puget Sound.
Happy protea growing. jwww

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livingfossil(6a Dayton OH)

Wow, thank you so much for the help and the website. I will definitely be ordering a seed pack next spring to start growing proteas. :D

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Dear D.....
All I have read says to plant them in our late spring (their late autumn). So getting your seeds for next spring would work. Other starter packs I got from the same company require stating in our autumn (restios and heathers).
happy growing.....jwww

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Curious, did you ever succeed growing Proteas indoors? I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to grow Proteas indoors and still don't have one plant to show for it, they have all died.
Having now moved to Cleveland, OH, I have a basement and my thinking is to put a dehumidifier in with some grow lights and maybe give it another go.
Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.

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