Lots of Colors!

Arcus_85(5b)June 29, 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. Been pretty busy. So I finally decided it was time to get out the camera and get some pictures for you all. Enjoy!
Black Magic

My 2nd place "Rose in a Bowl" Black Magic

Denali...Looks great in a frame!


Kordes Perfecta
Asso Di Cuori

My other 2nd place, Dolly Parton

Same Dolly before the show


Imperatrice Farah

Let Freedom Ring

Pink Promise

Moonstone. My 3rd place. Was my first show and I really didn't know what I was doing. Too far open. But I did get 1st in rose in a bowl with Denali. So I was happy with that!


Blue Girl & Firefighter, smelling divine!

"Not so" Black Baccara

Desperado & Dolly Parton

Dream Come True

Liverpool Remembers

The Great White

Papa Meilland

Another Mohana


Big Ben

St. Patrick

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seil zone 6b MI

Lovely photos! Congrats on your ribbons! I'll bet you'll get lots more blues next time! It's fun just to go though. I got two royalty awards for my arrangements and took King in minis this year.

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Wowsers! Lots of gorgeous blooms! Wish my DREAM COME TRUE looked like that!

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Your roses are beautiful! Love them all, thanks for sharing!

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

With roses this good looking , surprising you didn't "sweep" the lot.

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Thanks so much everyone! Between the shows, spider mites, and thrips I've been a busy bee. It's nice to sit back for a second and share all the hard work with you guys. I'm still amending the beds. What a huge project! I have rock and clay for soil. So I finally got fed up and am digging down about a foot and a half around the entire house and replacing the soil with a nice mix of black topsoil, perlite, composted cow manure and peat. Wow what a difference!! I'm about halfway done now and you should see all the new feeder roots!! I dug up roses that were there for years in that clay. NO feeder roots what so ever. Then I decided to move a newly planted bush that had been in the ground just about 2 weeks. The difference was astonishing! Feeder roots galore!! Another great thing I'm trying this year is rain water. If you can, collect your rain! You'll be amazed at how much better your plants look. I didn't realize my city water had such a high PH. Like almost 8.0! Within 2 weeks of using the rainwater my colors really started to pop and the plants just look more perky and green. So now I use rain for all my fertilizing and spraying. It's fantastic!
Seil- Congrats!! Which show did you win mini king at? Was it the Grosse Pointe show on 6-15? I was on Roseshow.com trying to find you. But obviously your name isn't Seil. lol.

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You're roses look great. You'll get your royalty. Just learn some of the show techniques and take your time. It took me 10 yrs before I got my first HT Queen. EVERYTHING but HT Queen during those 10 yrs. Find out what works in YOURE garden and stick with it. You're roses look pretty darn good now.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Nice colors indeed! :)

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Lots of wonderful roses! But I do like Denali best--new one to me--the subtle colors are equisite!


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Wow!!! What a bunch of stunners!!
Those are my kind of roses.

Imperatrice is my favorite of your pictures. WOW!!!

It's also nice to see how some of my new roses that haven't bloomed yet may look.


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You are all too kind!
Ken- Thanks for the advice. That's exactly what I'm doing. Just trying out different roses to see which ones I have the best luck with. And which ones grow the best here. Ten years huh? It may take me that long too competing against Dave Ackers. He says he'd love to teach me all his secrets, but I have a feeling there's a few he's holding onto. Lol. Also, thanks for your advice on the other thread about getting my fortuniana through the winter. Fingers crossed!!
Carol- So glad you got to see some of your new roses before they bloom! That's the best thing about posting on here!! Hopefully my pics will feed your appetite while you're waiting. ;0)

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Arcus thanks so much for sharing! I love seeing the garden and show photos.
What do you think of Imperatrice Farah? I've lusted after her, but haven't heard much about her.

I'm new to exhibiting also, and not where to draw the line on openess, etc. either.
btw- i don't think her name Seil either!

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Frenchcuffs: Imperatrice is awesome! I too lusted after her for many years. This is my first year with her and she was well worth the wait. So glad you are getting into showing as well. Every single person in the industry tells me its a dying art. Being 31 myself, the community has welcomed me with open arms. And everyone seems super ecstatic to have someone young interested in roses for a change. Now I'm lucky enough to be getting pointers from Dave Ackers (the top dog here in Ohio)but mostly I just did it. I figured the only way to learn was to just go for it and see. I'm learning as I go. The first thing they tend to look at is the centers of your roses. If you don't have a pinpoint center, forget it. How many shows have you done? We are all done here till the fall now. I think August is my next one...

    Bookmark   July 10, 2013 at 10:04AM
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