Repotting a Kaffir Lily

achang89(Z6)June 20, 2012

We've had this Kaffir Lily for 2-3 years and it flowered once. It stayed in a clay pot in our sunroom all time. I did not spend any time with it. The plant is healthy, but it has not grown much at all. The clay pot has salt residue over over it.

Then today I decided to take a look at the plant. When I took out the plant, the rootball is extremely dry. Most of the roots are already dried out (or just the old roots), but they took the space of the pot. So I decided to repot it.

First I got rid of all the old dry roots and soak the existing roots in water. I decided not to use the clay pot since it dries up so quickly. I found a 8" ceramic pot with saucer. First I put in a layer of 1-2" stones at the bottom, then fill the pot with houseplant potting mix. Now the plant sits at the corner of our outdoor deck.

My questions are:

1. When should I get some light sun to the plant?

2. It 8" diameter pot too large for a single plant?


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I hope that you found the Clivia forum here. They actually want to be dry. If I tell you that mine are happy live outside in the sandy ground in the shade in coastal Los Angeles, will that help?

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