Crinum bulbispermum color

conroe_joe(9a)June 6, 2003


I think my plant is C. bulbispermum and that the species is variable. I have one without noticeable pink or red on the petals, the stripes on the outside of the petals are greenish-tan. It does have a pink style. Anther sacs are white. The petals are ivory, and the flowers appear ivory from a distance becuase the outer color is not strong. The flowers don't hang down much and are about 7 inches long, with about half of that devoted to the tube behind the corolla (typical C. bulbispermum).

Is this a typical color for C. bulbispermum? I've always thought of the species as having pink and white flowers. It is a foundling with typical C. bulbisperumum blue-gray-green foliage and long tapering leaves.


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queenb(z8b East TX)

I have C. bulbispermum with the red stripes down the petals, and my mother has C. bulbispermum album. From what I've seen doing research on these, trying to ID another species I have, C. bulbispermum is a variable plant, especially good for hybridizing because of this trait.


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Alani_D(z8b Fl)

Yes. Crinum bulbispermum is quite variable in a number of its flower characteristics especially the color. This can vary from the absense of red pigmentation where the keels of the tepals are green and the petals are icy white to just a slight bronzing where the keels have a slight reddish tint but the tepal body is still white to the keels being darker red, tepals still white to red pigment bleeding into the tepals making them pink to nearly red. This can be even more complicated by flowers that open a paler color and darken as they age. The extremes, the pure whites and the darker pinks and reds, tend to be the less common types, while the striped to semi-striped tend to be more common.

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