ton2(Holland)July 19, 2009

I am a botanist and private collector in Holland. I am collecting Amaryllidaceae. I am searching Hippeastrum species, Hymenocallis species and Griffinia species. Also other Amaryllidaceae such as Brunsvigia, Ammocharis, Boophane, Placea species are very welcome. I am searching bulbs of seeds of these plants.

Can and will you help me please?

Or do you know other people in you area who can help me? Maybe botanists or private collectors?

Thank you very much and I hope to hear soon from you again.

Ton Wijnen


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hi Ton,

Do you have any rare amaryliddacceae to offer in exchange? (I also collect amaryllidaccae)

I might have some spare bulbs of amaryllis hippeastrum papillio to exchange.

kind regards

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Please, contact me privately. So I can send you my list.
Hippeastrum papilio I have also in my collection

kind regards


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Hi Ton,

I could not find your e mail adress anywhere on here, but could you send me your list to my e mail adress :
I can then also send you my list

kind regards

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