chichen itza hab (hybrid) - answer to the late habanero problem?

peps22December 14, 2013

Growing habs in the northeast is frustrating... The fruit are almost never ready till september. I purchased the hybrid that promises fruit a month earlier... Anyone try it before?

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I've never grown the chichen itza hab.

You may not have the space, lights, etc. but rather that going the hybrid route, have you thought about starting regular habs earlier for an earlier harvest?

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I put them outside as soon as practical (mid-may). The seedlings are already two months old at that point. Every year, I do not get viable hab fruit until September.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I think a lot of peppers are day length sensitive. In my experience they fruit more late in the summer , when day length are about 13 hours. Normally, you would think that they should fruit in the warmers days of summer better, but why suddenly they get to work in September?.
This past season my Cubannele and Chilaca had couple of fruits all summer. Come September, they burst into flowers and pods, when night lows were in 40s.
I am sure there are exceptions. I hav an ornamental that kept fruiting all summer till frost.

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