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jrodom81(z7 Chatt TN)July 8, 2003

While visiting SA a few years ago I saw a large shrub/small tree that I was told had the above name. I know that it wouldn't overwinter here very well but I wondered if anyone might have a source in the SE US where I could get one. Also: does anyone know how this plant would survive indoors during the winter?

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Garrickza(South Africa)

The botanical name for this shrub is Brunsfelsia. It is not native to South Africa but does very well all over the country and is a very common garden shrub. It is covered with masses of medium to small flowers which are white , a lilac shade and purplish , hence its name as the flowers turn into the 3 differents colours. The flowers have a lovely fragrance. There is also one which has much larger flowers. They are fairly slow growing , I had one which reached abour 2.5 metres high in a house I previously stayed in. They can withstand a fair degree of frost.
They like full sun or semi shade. I have never seen them grown indoors but maybe you should experiment. I am amazed at the plants that Americans over winter or even grow indoors , things that here we could never imagine could be kept indoors.
There seem to be American suppliers of plants and seeds , try searching on Brunsfelsia and also Brunfelsia on Google.

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MissJuneBug(8b MS)

There is a HUGE one in the greenhouse at Bellingrath Gardens right out of Mobile, Alabama-I love that plant, everytime I go to the gardens to see it,the scent---like honey, to me, just overwhelms me.

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jrodom81(z7 Chatt TN)

Thanks for the info. Out of curiousity, does anyone know where it is native if not SA?

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jrodom81(z7 Chatt TN)

Just in case anyone else is interested...after googling brunfelsia I found this site. It says the plant is native to Brazil.

Here is a link that might be useful: Floridata - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

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Carletta(9 TX)

It grows quite well in Houston, TX.

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