Hot Pepper from Cutting

ri_vintner(FL8b)December 19, 2010

It took 3 months, but I finally got my Bhut Jolokia to root from a cutting 2 of 4 rooted with the 4th still living but showing no roots yet

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Congratulations! Can you please tell us some more about how you did it. Did you use rooting hormone?

I think it is great that this can be done to take advantage of a particularly strong or unusual specimen.

Otherwise I would think it would be easier and quicker to just plant a new seed.

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Thanks, I built a homemade propagation machine using tote container, aquarium heater and bubble stones. no rooting hormone was used but the water has a plant starter fertilizer and a vitamin B1 additive. It works well for most plants. If I didn't break these off while I was transplanting them, I would have never tried it.

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i've been propagating peppers from cuttings for a number of years now- it's more economical for some rarities such as the bhuts.

i use mouthwash cups (clear is best because you can see the roots when they form) filled with a mix of 90%vermiculite and 10% potting soil. poke a hole in the bottom of the cup for excess moisture to drain.

you can fit about 30 of them into a typical propagation tray with hood (hood is key- have to retain humidity for success)

choose a node an inch or so beneath the top, trim the leaves from the node and make your cut just beneath the node. use rooting hormone according to preference is dip n gro but the olivia's products will do if you want organic.

place under fluorescent light with a long "day length" (even 24 hours is fine)- light that is too bright definitely hinders rooting.

peppers generally take between 10 days and 3 weeks to root. you will probably have to water once or twice during this period to keep the rooting medium moist.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)


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