Digging up a Clivia miniata

camarillojeff(NC 7)August 20, 2005

Before I moved into this house, someone planted some Clivia in the north side planter. These do quite nicely in the spring time, but this time of year, they get quite sunburned. I'd like to dig them up and relocate them to a shadier spot or into pots. These plants are at least 5-6 years old. Can I do this now or should I wait until fall or winter when the foliage recedes?

Thanks & happy gardening

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Clivias do better when they can run along the surface more than dig into a pot. Dappled light under trees where they'll get leaf-litter over their roots, too. If they are potted, they can do well under Camellias or other broadleaf evergreens.

They can be amazingly hard to extract from pots after a few years...and they sulk a bit, too.

I think I'd make the move just before rain was forecast - and a spell of cooler weather, so they can settle in over the winter.

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