Pie Day!

digit(ID/WA)November 27, 2013

DW thinks that my jack o'lantern pies will be fine . . .

I felt like arguing that I should use one of the purchased (roll eyes) Buttercup squash. We already ate our 2 (count 'em) Buttercup squash.

Grandma's apple pie recipe is out since it uses 2 crusts and gluten-avoiding DD will have to be scooping the pumpkin pie off its single crust.

What's on your recipe stand today? Pies? Casseroles? (really about the same as pie . . . you know, there should be a (gluten-less) casserole dessert!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Ok, Digit, I don't bake pies--ever, and I rarely do recipes that require a lot of ingredients, or a LOT of work, but I JUST got the Kitchen Garden Seeds newsletter and couldn't resist clicking on some of their recipes! Here are a few to check out!

Since you've been talking about pumpkins (and squash!) lately, how about Pumpkin Creme Caramel. Sounds like a lot of work, and I sure don't keep heavy cream around, but it sure does sound good! And it's gluten free!

No "pie" in this one, but this is MY kind of thing! And be sure to check out the part about the seedless black grapes way down near the bottom of the recipe! Roasted Vegetable Melange

No pie in any of the rest of these, Digit! But they look awfully good---and I'm HUNGRY right now!

Quite a list of ingredients in this one, and I'd probably make it sans-coconut if I ever make it, but I bet the frosting is good-----and I don't even know what mascarpone cheese is! Spiced Carrot Cake with Creamy Mascarpone Frosting

I am WAY into sweet potatoes, and both of these sound wonderful to me! Roasted Sweet Potato Coins and Kristy's Thanksgiving Sweetpotato Puree. Sweet potato puree, per se, actually sounds pretty awful to me, but I bet when this is baked it's light and fluffy and yummy!

After clicking on these recipes directly from the email I went to their "full list of recipes" page and looked at some more of them, but the recipes as they're linked on that page open up in a little "URL-less" window that can't be linked, or saved in bookmarks! If anybody likes what they're seeing above and wants to check out more of them, here's a link to the recipe list page. For all the Veggie Folks around here, there's some good-lookin' stuff here!
List of Recipes

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Eat too much--and worry about it later!


P.S. If this is hijacking your Pie thread---sorry! ;-)

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Pies are out of the oven. Easy as pie!

Hijacking? Absolutely not Skybird. Yes, that Spiced Carrot Cake looks so very good! It might be that "mascarpone cheese" is just a cream cheese. I've got cream cheese . . . I wonder if pumpkin could be substituted for the carrots . . .

I'm a little confused about Kitchen Garden Seeds. Back when it started, it was by the Shepherds. Renee Shepherd went off on her own with Renee's Garden Seeds and, I'm almost sure that it was sold to the Burpee group. Now, John Scheepers? And, Who Owns What says that Van Engelen owns the whole shebang!

I wonder if Van Engelen owns John Scheepers in the UK. Oh well, times change.

Me? I got pie! Happy Thanksgiving!


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Happy Thanksgiving. Type in Gluten free pie recipes and you will get a lot of recipes. Last year I found a magazine of gluten free recipes and that is what she got for Christmas. The amount of gluten free items at the store has really gone up this past year. Three years ago you would have been hard pressed to find anything labeled gluten free. My hubby said no turkey, no pumpkin pie. He wants pork chops. So I compromised and said I guess we will eat out and you can have what you want and so can I.

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Eating out is an option, Margaret?! I gotta mix the "traditional" stuffing the family has never allowed me to change to something more interesting. The bird goes in the oven at 8am.

Have some of us older types noticed that the younger folks seem to think that traditions are all-fired important but the most important tradition is grandparents doing everything? Do you think that they realize that grandma & grandpa were 35 when the kid decided that all this stuff was tradition and that, guess what, g'ma & g'pa aren't 35 anymore!?

Maybe that's why 35 year olds begin to keep the tradition in traditions after cruising to holiday meals for their entire lives. "Can we have?" "Aren't you gonna make?" "Where are the?"

Guess what? I just "averaged" the age of my 2 kids: 34 . . . hehehe! Just wait until next year!

on his way to being olde & in the way

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I'm planning on making a seafood shepherd's type pie to bring to the in-laws. I seldom use recipes and when I do rarely I follow it too closely. Will be using potatoes, carrots and a variety of fresh herbs from the garden. So far the seafood part is shrimp and scallops. Probably will use potatoes 2 ways. One will be mashed and the other diced up oven fries. Not traditional fare for Thanksgiving but it should be good.

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I watched some show on PBS the other day about heirloom thanksgivings, and some guy had a recipe for pumpkin pie where he stuck in a teaspoon of chipotle powderâ¦..

I will try that. Just not for thanksgiving.

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treebarb Z5 Denver

We went the traditional route, but mom and I split the work. She did the stuffed turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. I did the corn casserole, candied yams, pie and took it to her house. The kids, my daughter, nieces and nephews, age ranges 16 - 22 unstuffed the bird, took dishes to the table and helped clean up. It was one of the nicest holidays ever.

Digit, we spent a few years being frustrated at the lack of help/participation of the kids. Now we ask for their help and they actually do! They seem to enjoy being given tasks. Maybe next year you and DW should try asking the 30 year olds to bring the dishes they've asked for. I think people forget how much effort and love goes in to these traditional dishes. It's so much nicer to split the work so everyone can actually enjoy at least part of the day!

Happy Thanksgiving all. It was a wonderful day!


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I like seafood and that shepherd's pie sounds delish! I have already admitted that the Tuna Pumpkin Soup was so surprisingly tasty! It had a couple dashes of my "shakeable" Super Chili & Garlic Salt. I'm not sure how it would have "gone over" at Thanksgiving.

The pumpkin pie was super! Well, maybe just 1 degree short of super.

This time, I used a combination of the RMG advice for the pumpkin! David said low oven temperature for a good long while - roasted it at 250o for nearly 2 hours. Beeone said roast in chunks skin side up & remove from pan promptly - I did that. Marj, said drain on coffee filters in colander overnight - I didn't use coffee filters but the roasted pulp went thru the food processor, then sat in a colander for about 3 hours. I decided to give it a good long time to drip. And, that's what it did -- drip, drip, drip.

Made a world of difference! The pie was nice and high inside the crust and DW was especially complimentary. This, after disparaging of everything I'd done with pumpkin up until that moment (excepting that soup ;o). . . . still don't know what she found wrong with my pumpkin bread . . . maybe just expected it be be more like either pumpkin muffins or bananaanannana bread, or sumthin . . .


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While I was typing, there was Barb . . . helped and being helpful!

Yeah. DD brought stuffed mushroom appetizers! She almost didn't get them started tho'.

Listen to this: I went in the living room moments after she'd arrived and did the tour of the kitchen. She saw that everything was just about done! Says I, "What did you bring me??!" She said, "Well, I brought stuffed mushrooms."

We quickly determined that she still had time to get them in the oven and nothing would suffer from going cold. I could make room in there! Done deal - and, they were tasty!

I heard that the Chex mix is kind of passe with young people these days. I didn't have any made but . . . yeah, times change and we should find out what "they" would like to contribute. Shoot! I think she mighta just taken those mushrooms back home!


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We don't have any relatives closer than 2 states away so no one to cook for except hubby who didn't want traditional. I do miss having a bunch of family around for holidays. Watched the Macy parade this afternoon and that was about all for Thanksgiving.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Okay, I'm a little late to the party, but I made a couple of pies today, and both turned out exceptionally well!

One was the traditional Libby's Pumpkin Pie with a graham cracker crust. I've tried many pumpkin pie recipes, but always come back to this one!

The other one was a Toll House pie with a couple minor alterations.

It is extremely rich and decadent, but a favorite with my oldest son.

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Oh, boy!

Certainly an exceptional pie picture, Bonnie!

Well, DS wasn't here this time. Dad's not around. There are cousins here somewhere but they seem to blame everyone on their father's side for their parent's divorce, what is it . . . 40 years ago . . . yeah. Crazy problems in every family. It was us and DD & her boy friend. Not much to pull out the stops for but we now have a full fridge and it took 2 people to carry DD's leftovers out to the car.

Doing things at 60% or, even 30% is okay! Let's do at least a part of this again, real soon . . .


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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

We had a small affair as well - DH & DD and myself. Our refrigerator went on the blink 2 days before Pie Day as well, and are waiting on a part. So we've been using a couple of coolers, small dorm frig, and a bin outside on the porch and bags of ice to keep things cold! Good it's been below freezing most nights, as the frozen meat I have in the bin outside is actually staying frozen with the ice I have in it :)

Anyway, we did manage to make a smaller TDay dinner yesterday (didn't want to go over board with the lack of refrigeration and only being 3 of us), and it was a pleasant day all the way around. I made one pumpkin pie, using canned pumpkin (had to throw out the few frozen bags of pulp from my Jack'oLantern that I had :( . I found a recipe for low carb PP that I used. I did cheat though and used the normal amount of brown sugar instead of stevia ;^) - just can't have PP without brown sugar!! It came out good - it takes more eggs than a normal recipe, I suppose to help keep it together since it doesn't have a crust.

Would love to have the Toll House PP recipe highalttransplant!


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Okay, Marj, but I'm warning you, it's NOT healthy!

I used half brown sugar, half white, and I prefer pecans over the walnuts in this recipe.

Here is a link that might be useful: County Fair Pie Recipe

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Thanks for that, Bonnie! That is absolutely the unhealthiest thing I've ever seen--and I think I finally found a pie I need to make! Salivating just looking at the recipe--and your picture!

For Thanksgiving I made the Sweet Potato Coins I linked above, and I thought they were yummy! I love the taste of "brown!" Also baked a ham with my own special pineapple-brown-sugar-honey-and-a-few-other-things glaze, and homemade bread from dough in the bread maker and baked in the oven! Lots of left overs, and I just might have PIE for dessert with the leftovers!


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