Where in S.A. to find indigenous seed

SAVeg(South Africa)August 28, 2003


I wonder if any of you, especially the South Africans can tell me where I can find seed of indigenous plants, like Clivias, Nerines, etc.

Thank in advance


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jimmb(Michigan US)

I'm not South African, but I can give you an answer (we lived there for most of the last year up to about a month ago). Try both Cape Seed and Bulbs (www.clivia.co.za) and the McMasters in Napier. I'm not sure the latter have a new web site up (they've moved from Stutterheim recently), but you can get a catalog through email by writing africanbulbs@haznet.co.za. I've had experience with both. I don't know Silverhill personally, but their reputation is good. http://www.silverhillseeds.co.za/



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modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)

Silverhill Seeds are in Kenilworth, Cape and have a huge selection of native seeds available. They do have a web site and also put out a catalog annually. Contact them and request that your name be put on the mailing list for amaryllid availability (nerine and clivia both amaryllids). I've gotten many seeds from them over the years and have always had fabulous service ... they also keep some books in stock. I ordered from them a small book on Nerines.
Groete vanuit Oregon. D.

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SAVeg(South Africa)

Baie dankie
I'll try these. Is it not funny that seed of our native plants are more readily available overseas than here!
I live in KZN, where both Clivias and Nerines are native, but finding seed is an impossibility. The nurseries want you to buy plants which are way overpriced.

Nogmaals dankie. Moet sê, dit is nogal lekker om Afrikaans by die Garden Web te hoor.


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modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)

Hi there ... yes, I remember that when i lived there the native plants were hard to come by, with the exception of agapanthus and red hot pokers (kniphofia) and a few others. I am assuming that Silverhill Seeds are not advertising widely within the country? I found them from this side by doing a web search.
Also, I do not remember bulbs like ixia, sparaxis, freesia, babiana, and amaryllis belladonna being offered at nurseries ... perhaps this situation has improved?
Thanks for the few words in Afrikaans, it always makes my heart glad to read my native language. Delina

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Why not join Kirstenbosch gardens & get their seed list.

Ginny in Manitoba Canada who has lots of watsonia bloom rom Kirstenbosch seed.

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deeds1(the far SWUK-9)

I can agree that Silverhill are excellent, I don't think they advertise widely anywhere, It's more a 'word of mouth' thing. There are also a few South African natives on a German website that I can also recommend - www.rareplants.de

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Charl_CT(Cape Town)

Try this site


They will send you a catologue.

Page follows:

What we supply] [How we operate and import advice]
[Seed for Botanical Society members]

Kirstenbosch sells seed of a wide range of plants indigenous to southern Africa. We produce a seed catalogue listing the species on offer, with prices, our conditions of sale and procedure to order, and yes we do export. Our seed catalogue is not yet in electronic format, it is a booklet, and we post copies out free of charge. Our catalogue is unfortunately not illustrated, but for each species listed, we give the botanical name, any synonyms, any common / descriptive names in use, the family name, and a short description giving information where applicable on e.g. estimated height, habit, flower colour, distinguishing features etc. Should you wish to receive a copy, please send your request, with your name and postal address to the Seed Room at Kirstenbosch, contact details as follows:

Seed Room, Kirstenbosch NBG
Private Bag X7 CLAREMONT,
Cape Town 7735
South Africa

Tel (021) 762 9120 / Fax (021) 762 8239

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