Hawaiian Chili Pepper Plant Question??????

jahsurfaDecember 3, 2009

I have been growing chili peppers indoors for my school project and my plants have been doing good until a couple of weeks ago when all the new leaves have been dying and drying up so it looks like little brown leaves about 0.3 cm tall. They also fall off with and instant touch.

I was wondering if anyone knew what i could do to fix this problem or what is causing it????


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The plant is under stress. You need to provide more info on how you're caring for it. Overwatering for example will cause leaves to drop. Best post pic and details.

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we aren't overwatering i know for a fact we just have it under an artificial light and the other plant receives just normal sunlight and they both are having the same problem. No new leaves are forming for some reason and we dont know why. they just shrivle up and turn brown.

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patti1957(8 OR)

Have you checked for Aphids or other pests?

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