bev2(SA)August 13, 2004

Where can I sell a collection of Cycads? Not mine. Old lady in dire straits needs the cash. They are carting her off to a home shortly and she is very upset. Wants me to find her a home for her cats as well as her plants.

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Garrickza(South Africa)

Firstly one needs to determine what cycads this lady has. If they are indigenous to S.A. then one should have proof of purchase (ie that they were not dug up from the veld).All S.A. cycads are called Encepharlartos and a subspecies name eg Encepharlartos natalensis or E.ferox etc. The majority of Encepharlartos are indigenous to S.A. but some come from other parts of Africa. Cycads like Cycas revoluta or any other name bar Encepharlartos are not indigenous and there are no restrictions on their ownership or sale except the general CITES restrictions.
One is required to register any indigenous cycad which has a ball of 20mm or larger with the provincial Dept of Agriculture, by taking your original proof of purchase to them and they then issue you with a permit. One is at liberty to sell your cycads as long as you issue the buyer with proof of purchase if they are small or if they are large the buyer must obtain the necessary permit to possess the cycads.
If the cycads have no papers one should approach the Dept of Agriculture for advice on how to regularise them as I am not sure how they deal with this . The penalties for possessing illegal cycads are quite stiff though and the authorities do take action such as raiding and confiscating and prosecuting offenders

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Hi Bev,

I can assist you with the permits and sale of these cycads.

I might be interested in purchasing the entire collection.

I am situated in Midrand area in Gauteng.

How do I get in touch with you?


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Hello Gerrie

I have some big cycads that I am wanting to sell. You can call me on 0741859650 I also need permits. I have lived in this house for 26 years so have no permit for my cycads.

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How can i go about having a cycad species identified?
I do have one at home i wont mind selling (Jhb)

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I have this cycad growing in my yard. Could you identify the type// species for me? It's an old pic, the tree has since grown much bigger.

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Do you know of anyone whom would be interested in purchasing a big cycad?

I am not sure what species it is.

The person who buys them need to come remove it from the ground as well.

I am based in Jhb Edenvale



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I just purchased a house that has about 36 cycads on it. All the cycads are different, but I don't know what type they are. I have the permits for them. I am looking to sell them.

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