Clivia minata Blooms.......In August??

adaorand(UpstateNY)August 30, 2003

I have a Clivia minata blooming now. This is a plant that I got as a markdown in Lowe's in the spring, after its spring blooms had faded.

Now it has 2 blooms and several buds wedged between some of the older leaves, with no visible bloom stalk. Is this normal? Can I expect to see a real bloom stalk emerge from the center of the plant in the spring?

I admit this plant did take some abuse -- poor light, lack of water, unpotted by kitten....... I finally repotted it from a 6" to an 8" pot and set it out under an elm tree where it has been in filtered light and kept fairly moist. And contrary to my info that says established clivias resent root disturbance and need to be "pot bound" to flower, I was in total suprise to see these flowers.

Is this normal? Can I expect (hope for) a real flower stalk and more flowers for late winter/spring bloom? I appreciate any and all advice. I have never had Clivias before, and was very excited to have found them in Lowe's this past winter at a reasonable price -- even happier to get two at mark-down prices. The other plant has a seed pod and I understand it can take up to a year to ripen, then another 5 to 7 years for a seedling to reach bloom stage.

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Sue77(z10 Portugal)

Hi AdaO

I have pots of Clivias in Portugal on a shady terrace where they get no direct sunlight ever. They are kept well watered and basically flower all year - each plant probably three times a year. It is normal for us to have seed heads, flowers and buds all in the same pot at any one time so I have always thought that if they are happy they will bloom as and when it suits them. Good luck with raising your seedlings!

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modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)

Hi Sue, welcome to our forum! What else of the South African natives do you grow? And would you mind telling us a bit about your climate? Sounds like you never get frost if your Clivias can grow outside all year ... D

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Hi, Where do you live? Northern hemisphere?

Are you sure it is Clivia miniata? I was most surprised (here in the southern hemisphere) to have clivias bearing in April/May (our Autumn/Fall)- we soon discovered that they were actually Clivia Gardenii & our miniatas only started flowering in Sept/Oct.(Spring)

They're not grown as potted plants here ... but maybe I can find you a few tips. They do enjoy dappled shade


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My clivia bloom sometimes twice a year. Once in Jan or Feb. and again in August when the nights start to really cool here in CT. It's an established 20+ year old clivia miniata. I have a cross that I've had for several years that won't bloom for me. I'm hoping this year something will appear. And Sue77 I am very envious of your climate if your plants can stay out all year and bloom like that... LOL. Sebrina

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