leucadendron summer sun

weeddummie(ACT Aust)September 10, 2005

Dear garden webbers,

I have a small "summer sun" leucadendron laureolum x stobilinum which I'd like to plant in my garden. It seems to grow up to 1.5m high and wide. I was wondering where is a better place to plant it - I have a couple of sunny spots for it. How far does its root system go? Is it ok to plant it a few feet away from a fruit tree? Or maybe it's better closer to the other native australian plants I have (that don't need regulary fertilising).

Does anyone know how fast it grows, and anything else I should know about this plant? I only have a protea so far and its structure looks quite similar...Can someone explain how proteas and leucadendrons are different, characteristic-wise? Lotsa thanks :)

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I would avoid planting near a fruit tree, like all Proteaceae it has far-ranging roots that will absorb fatal levels of phosphorous and they don't need a lot of nitrogen. Two nutrients fruit trees typically use in abundance.


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weeddummie(ACT Aust)

Thanks for the reply Ryan. I have a strawberry plant, a japanese maple and peach tree - and if I put the new proteaceae in the spot where I have two other native plants are, it will be 2-3 metres away from the fruits and non-natives (on the same bed), rather than 2-3 feet.

Is this far enough?

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I wouldn't think it would be a problem. AFAIK, the biggest problem is when the whole root zone is fertilized, I'm not sure if anyone has looked at the effects of roots growing into fertilized area.


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