Native vine of africa

BlueDawn(Z9b PSL, FL)September 19, 2005

Hi there. I have never posted on this forum before. I recently ordered a vine that is growing like crazy. It is called Stictocardia Beraviensis and someone told me it is a native of Africa. Has anyone ever heard of it or grown it? I am in Florida in a hot and humid zone 9B - almost zone 10 area. Any responses would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

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This vine originally comes from Madagascar (an island off the coast of Africa). It is a hot and humid country. The vine is known for quick growth and is great for covering old fences, barns and the like. It is also known by the common name of Hawaiian Bells.

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Hi Deejaus
I am in Florida too and have had this plant in a pot for a few months. Didn't know it was from Africa but it is doing ok for me and such beautiful flowers

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