Jeffrey's Bay?

haycarumba99September 27, 2003

I have a pice of property their, and was wondering what would grow on it? It is about 200 feet from the beach and has dunes on it. Are there any palms that could be groing on it?

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modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)

haycarumba, Jeffreys Bay is about 40 miles from Port Elizabeth and situated in a mild climate zone where rainfall is spread throughout the year. At the coast, in this zone, frost never occurs but one does nevertheless need a sweater and jacket in the winter.
Palms are not indigenous, but have been planted along the promenade in Port Elizabeth (know as PE for short) where they grow well. These are not coconut palms, though.
The indigenous plants on your Jeffreys Bay plot will most likely be the members of "fynbos" which can grow in coastal sand. The region has many proteas, but i don't expect any to grow right on the ocean in the dunes.

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It's been a while since I was there, but I do not recall seeing any palms in that area, other than the ones mentioned in PE, although Jeffreys as I remember it, was only cottages and not much else :-)

Gardening there was a challenge to say the least! Those monkeys and ostrich were the bane of our lives. Enjoyable as they were they presented a huge problem. Vervet monkey would come right indoors to steal, but the veggie garden never produced much, even though it was outstanding, because the monkeys would steal the works. Not even carrots were safe. Ostrich would pick the buds off everything, including the little loquat tree, but I think the ostriches would have been removed by now. Pineapples, pawpaw (papaya) grew well as did bananas so I would imagine it would be worth trying a palm. Good luck!


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